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Welcome to Miami Beach, Florida


City of Miami Beach Building Department

This department handles all of your building permit needs, including pulling a permit, scheduling an inspection, and checking on the status of your permit. For detailed information on permits, fee schedules, and use of the Online Permitting system - click here.

NOTE: Online Trade Permits are only available for Single Family Homes.

This site reflects information that is specific and particular to issues that are handled by the Building Department. The information is specific to the selected folio number or address only. If this property is located within a multi-family property, such as a condominium, there may be outstanding building violations or liens that are attached to the commonly owned areas. These areas, such as lobbies, hallways, elevators, pools, etc., may have separate violations and/or liens and can be found under the folio numbers for that separate property. Please contact the Utility Billing Division and Code Compliance for more information about Liens and Code Violations.

When researching a permit the "Type" is the Type of Permits and Violations that are associated with in reference to this address.
The different types of permits are as follows:

BMECH - Mechanical Permit
BPLUM - Plumbing Permit
BELEC - Electrical Permit
BSBUILD - Building Small Work Permit
BUILD - Building Permit
BCOCC - Building Certificate of Occupancy
BELEV - Elevator Permit
BREC - Building Recertification;
BVIO - Building Violations
JBMASTER - Building Special Master case

The STATUS legend is as follows:

APPROVED - Approved for Permit; FINAL : Inspections Finaled;
EXPIRED - Permit Date Expired; CLOSED : Permit has been Closed

Email Miami Beach Online Administrator @ Contact Information
Check/Research Permits

Check/Research Permits   

Check on filed permits and find permit information on pending projects, projects under construction, or completed projects.


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